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My Fastening - The finest POP rivets, Sherex, Bollhoff, RivNut rivet nuts, AVK, POPnut, Rivkle, Kato Tangless inserts, Helicoil inserts and Loctite Glue Guns and Adhesive products.

No matter what you like best about My Fastening’s family of POP rivets, Marson Klikfast rivets, HeliCoil, ReCoil and Kato tangless inserts, and RivNut , Sherex, Rivkle, POPNut Blind Rivet Nuts and inserts, you can find all of the POP rivets, Helicoil inserts, Loctite Adhesives,, and AVK RivNuts you need right here on rivet.company! We distribute all blind rivet styles such as the POP, Avdel, and Marson multigrip POP rivet, open-end POP Rivets and closed end POP rivets, as well as Avdel Avex rivets, Stavex multi-grip rivets, Q Rivets and Monobolts and AVK RivNut blind threaded inserts as well as Huckbolts and Lockbolts. Whether you particularly enjoy the easy installation of our proprietary blind rivets or you appreciate the huge selection of High strength pop rivet styles and sizes we provide like the high strength Huck Magnalok, and the HuckBolt, our Website will always be the fastest, simplest and most affordable way to order and get your rivets and inserts quickly. Please take a moment to review the range of AVK rivet nuts and Bollhoff RivNut inserts, POPnut blind rivet nuts and Kato, Recoil, and HeliCoil Inserts, Tangless inserts and helically wound Helicoil kits featured on our main page. Each of these sections is filled with helpful details and blind rivet product specs so that you can shop online with confidence, from Countersunk POP rivets to Large Flange POP Rivets to the most common standard blind pop rivet style! We even carry the CherryMate two piece mate rivets that can fasten up to 4 inches; Please bookmark our site now and start exploring for more informative rivet and threaded insert articles and helpful rivet tips!

My Fastening recommends POP Rivets tools and pop rivet guns like the Proset 1500 Rivet tool, Proset 2100 POP Rivet tool, ProSet 1600 POP Rivet Tool, PRG 510 POP Rivet Tool, and PRG 540 POP Rivet Tool. All POP Rivet tools feature the MCS system (mandrel collection system). We also suggest the Avdel Genesis line of blind rivet tools along with the Briv and Chobert speed rivet fastening system and Lobster Rivet Tools.

 Featured Article -  How to  POP Rivet

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